(I’m secretly River Song)

Alexandrina Brant is not someone who can sum herself up in one sentence…except through the use of apophasis. Also, she likes referring to herself in third person and making bios, of which she has a variety depending on the genre and length of fiction she is representing.


I’ve always written in some form or another, and it has led to the person I am now, just as that person shapes my writing. I have A Levels in Psychology, Religious Studies and Latin and I play guitar, drums and sing. If being a polymath were a career, I’d be quite some way up the ladder by now.

I turned eighteen in May and I’m studying Psychology and Philosophy at Reading University (England), though my academic interests extend to Italian culture and Linguistics, too. My non-academic interests are as broad as they are bizarre, from starcharts and space to wine and anti-contemporary culture.

I intend to use this blog as a writing outlet, to vent my progress, feelings, fears, etc – but also as a place to consider the world.

What I Blog About

I have no preference for fields of thought. I blog about anything that comes to me at the time and I think would make an interesting piece to read. Of course, the more time I spend doing a certain activity, the more likely my mind is to be turned to it. Thus, writing is a frequent tag.

I also blog in my role as the Social Secretary of the Reading Rocs Quidditch Team, and this includes raising Quidditch awareness and generally blogging about my experiences playing this unique sport.

Follow me as I narrate my way through life as a writer, Catholic, actress, psychologist, thinker, performer and lover. (And anything else I’ve missed off!)

Contact and inquiries: Celestal_Fleur(at)hotmail(dot)com

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