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Photo of the WeeK: Reflections

(Don’t say a word. My schedule has been upside-down and uncertain of late.)

AlexB_ReflectionsReflections. Literal patterns of light bouncing off their object and into our retina. On a technicality, our entire world when seen is a reflection of what it actually is.

Be that as it may, in a full room of people it’s difficult to take a straight photo of a wine glass or three. The wall lamps are refracted into the red wine, and those foggy reflections bottom left could be anything from me to another set of lamps in the background. And hence the black-and-white filter to act as a distraction-dampener. The colour one was all right, but I needed something further for clarity.


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Photo of the Week: Glittery

As you know, it was Mothering Sunday yesterday, and we went out to a local carvery (all you can eat, yay!). As part of the package, each mother was placed on a fancy table (with balloons and everything! :P), offered champagne and a free gift of bath stuff. Our table sat under a gorgeous chandelier, which, although rather difficult to photograph (I am just the wrong height for these sorts of things), sparkled greatly, hence the title of today’s post. (I have little energy for being creative with names…)



Happy Second Birthday!

Well, what can I say? On 29th Jan 2012 I started this blog and look how it has grown! I didn’t really know where I was heading, or what I was doing (or why on Earth I was starting a freaking blog!), so the posts were all over the place, but now posts and trends are beginning to form in front of my eyes.

For a laugh, let’s look back an entire year, to my first birthday post. Although corny, I’ll admit that the parallels are interesting.

I talked about Poirot twice and Holmes three times, whilst producing two Doctor Who/time-related posts, one of which became my most-viewed post: (I’m not gonna call it) The Next Big Thing – which meant I had to hunt around for pictures of actors whom I would cast were ‘When The Clock Broke…‘ turned into a movie.

Since then, my posts on crime fiction have expanded. Agatha Christie, Poirot, Sherlock, murder mysteries and death are all prime tags, with some even having ten posts about them! Amusingly, only these last couple of weeks as I delve back into rewriting the first of the Agnetha King Mysteries Trilogy have I been blogging about what exactly makes a detective. Check those out if you like discussion about the integral nature of crime fiction and cosy mysteries! I refer to Nancy Drew, Morse and Midsomer Murders, too!

You’ll notice that I also started looking at characterisation and getting deeper into a character, from the negative personality traits that Main Characters have alongside their worthy traits to applying the Psychology I’ve learnt over the last few years to varied explanations of their behaviours. In September, I devoted a blog month to the editing and literary analysis of When the Clock Broke. Although, sadly, I have not kept up the essay writing – not for want of ideas, but for want of time and mental space/capacity, these ideas have led me to analyses and cross-analyses my characters time and again.

I even started an Almanac spanning a millennium to understand the world of The Continent in greater detail. Bits can be found on the blog under the tag The Continental Almanac and the Extracts, Beginnings, and Drafts category.


That writer face ^.^

Some stuff I did this year and blogged about, in no specific order:

> Started university at Reading. Above everything, learnt the awesomeness of Psychology and Philosophy joint.

> Started playing Quidditch and became the Social Secretary for the Reading Rocs

> Went to Uganda for two and a half weeks

> Published in the Fauxpocalypse collection

> Finished two first drafts and wrote three (and a bit) short stories. Writing wordcount breakdown.


Au contraire, things to look forward to this year:

> The Fauxpocalypse release party in St. Louis on Saturday the 1st – I am attending – via Google Hangouts, a very exciting (not to mention: baffling) procedure!

> Ramp Up the Red for British Heart Foundation and Red Feb (more about that next week)

> My confirmation

> CampNaNoWriMo – in which I hope to start a new series of lighter, shorter NA Romance books. Ideas are swarming me!

> New blog layout and new Twitter bio – hopefully.

The top posts and pages bit of my blog changes everyday, so it’s worth checking out everything – in my humble opinion! ;) I guess the last thing to say is:

How delightfully gaudy…

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November Ghosts

Just a short poem I wanted to share, also found on my Protagonize account.

Woollen coats
And past memoirs,
Faint echoes of
The frost beneath feet;
Not one pair
Or two,
But three in neatened row,
Trailing off to nowhere,
Gossamer nowhere,
As cold as winter air,
Without such bite;
In the distance
Lies shapes unclear,
Moulded to the sky,
Unhappy hearts,
Set where they were sat,
Along the misted ridge;
Silence clambers on
Amongst the
Broken highway
Of the past,
And some clouded
November ghosts.
Hope you like it.


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