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Sceam For Charity Success

The ebook ‘Scream For Charity’ has stopped selling and the entire proceeds will go to UNICEF.

I am particularly proud  to have been part of this ebook- with my short story ‘A Rosary, A Fume Cabinet, and A Music Book’- as it is my first adventure into publishing, letting me into the experience of e-publishing, and building my (though I must admit, slightly more selfish!) ambitions of becoming a professional writer.

Though the aforementioned story, also called ‘Genevra’ (after the forename of the obsessive protagonist), took a shorter amount of time to write than I had anticipated, it opened my eyes to two genres of literature that I had never tried before: short story-telling and darker tales. Though I had dealt copiously with murder mystery cosies beforehand, I had never taken the darker side to human nature into my hands. And I have, since ‘Genevra’ in October/November, written two new horror shorts. I’m fascinated by the behavioural/cognitive psychology behind the way humanity can behave in certain situations, a fact I hope I put-forward in ‘Genevra’. Perhaps there is even some Psychodynamic Psychology in Genevra’s unhealthy passions for her music teacher and the way she acts in the event of his death. However, that is a subject for a new post…

I’d like to thank the guys over at ThatFantasyBlog for giving me such an experience and chance (after all, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t have a blog :P), and a big thanks to whomever bought the ebook, thus giving something to combat child-suffering. I’d also personally like to thank Tianna Woolf for her eager unoffical-editor eyes!


The full information about the money raised is here on ‘ThatFantasyBlog”s, well, blog, the original concept being found under their ‘Book Publishing’ tab:

Thank you all for the support you gave us..


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