Reinventing Ezme

She stands at the brink of destruction, worlds collapsing at the feet. One step forward and her path could crumble beneath her step, one step back and she could be watching another star shoot to the sky- and boiling up inside herself like a dormant volcano…

All metaphorically of course.

Ezme is nothing but a lonely wannabee, sitting at both her musical, and computered, keyboards with ideas overflowing from her mind and spilling out via her hands, creating the beautiful notes that we hear now, ethereal on the wind.

I’ve seen Ezme beforehand, seen the way she pretends to be something she’s not; seen the way she folds to their requests, just like a piece of paper, even when she knows what they are truly saying. We all see it: their backstabbing laughs and the way that they can manipulate others into thinking what they want.

Of course, Ezme is different. She is gentle, kind, intelligent, talented and, most of all, mature. She knows she can rise above all their foul words… What I want to know is whether she can rise above herself. Fly high above her fear of failure and pull her head out of its sea of dreams.

I wonder, most of all, whether she can make the right decision for the man she loves. Can she fight the overwhelming fixation to show them all, especially him, that she is better than she makes out at first?

And it was he who started it all in the first place…


So begins the short story ‘Ezme’, a coming-of-age story about a young girl with big dreams and even bigger problems. Beginning in our present day, Ezme flashes back four years to a new girl at school, rebelling against the name her parents gave her.

As you may be able to tell from the above extract, I began Ezme at the start of my experimentation with writing, in Feb 2nd 2010, almost two years ago from the present. I had no idea where I was heading, and I had foolishly chosen to write the story in present tense- a mistake which I will never forget. 
Now, after touching the edge of the fabric of publishing, I’ve decided that, although I will never realise it as a ‘proper’ book, I can still re-write it and publish it as an e-book, for whomever wishes to see it.

I have my Unofficial Editor on board, now all I need is to create some time I don’t have! 

For Ezme, I have been influenced by Lewis Carroll’s work(s) ‘Sylvie and Bruno’ (and ‘Sylvie and Bruno Concluded’) where the first-person narrator is never truly named and often lost in the midst of the other characters’ interactions. Lewis Carroll and I also share a love of brackets in places where the parenthesis probably shouldn’t be!

An extract from ‘Sylvie and Bruno’, typical of Lewis Carroll’s madness:

The children got down off his knees, each secured a hand, and the happy trio set off for the Library- followed by me. I had come to the conclusion, by this time, that none of the party (except, for a few moments, the Lord Chancellor) was in the least be able to see me.

Sylvie and Bruno with their father, the Warden, and the Professor

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