Random New Stuff

Just a note (so not really a post, to be honest) about the little tidbits I’m working on at the moment. Most of them are beginnings of ideas that I don’t mind abandoning for my exams.

Well, for one thing, there’s my physics revision notes, written in fiction-form (Goodness help me!). It may sound mad, but I think that revising this way will help improve the triggers of my memory. However, it’s still only a few sentences long, due to my other revision getting in the way. Oh dear!

The next is the beginnings of a ‘just-for-fun’ story that can be found on Protagonize.com called ‘Ceilidhs’. Inspired by the true story of my first Ceilidh dance session, it tells of school-children uncovering the secret to the spirit world through the medium of dance. Not that that actually happened to me… *shifty eyes*

The last is the revival of my Latin story on Protagonize, entitled ‘Parva Fabula Romae’- literally ‘A Little Story of Rome’- about Roman life for Selena when she meets the son of a famous poet who promises to help Selena out of a pickle. So…if you’re into Classics…


3 thoughts on “Random New Stuff

  1. I think I might try to write my notes in that form; even if they end up not being the best (because I’m horrible at writing revision notes), at least it’ll give me a good laugh during stressful times! 🙂

    1. Maybe (if I get around to it), I’ll post the ‘notes’ on Protag and we can both have a laugh at them. So far…there are two professors, one a student (called ‘A’- ie. me). Thinking about it, I manage to write about one line of proper physics, and then got distacted…!

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