An Extract of a Game…

…a Game of Murder indeed…which happens to be a novel of mine set in the thirties. Christophe and Alexandra are the main characters, higher-ranking servants of the household in which most of the novel is based. What do you think of this extract? Some of Christophe’s speech is used as my signature.


“Now, for those of you who have decided to stay, every game, every piece of artwork, and every life declared on high deserves a conclusion. I give you…another detective!”

With that cue, Christophe bounded out of the guesthouse bathroom, from which, Alexandra knew, there was a hatch that opened into the concealed part of the bedroom.

A black blindfold covered Christophe’s gorgeous eyes, and she marvelled at how he did not collide with anything in the room. Again, navigation and travel were part of Christophe; not even darkness could fool whatever he needed to achieve.

“Fate, they say,” Christophe proclaimed, “is blind. Those who pass away into the ether do so by hand of mortal, not by wish of Fate himself. Therefore it seems that those who survive do so by chance also. Here we have seen the very work of lethal mortals, and should be gladdened and gratified that we are not joined with Fate up in the Heavens now.

“Luckily, though, the eyes of the law are far from so blinded.”

He whisked off the blindfold and, to Alexandra, his eyes glowed with the ethereal light he had just been narrating about. Perhaps, though, it was just the effect of the dilated pupils, from being in the dark the best part of the afternoon.

And that, Alexandra supposed, as she gazed into his perfectly-sculptured face, is this end of this chapter of the storybook performance.



3 thoughts on “An Extract of a Game…

  1. Hey Alexandria just a quick note now that our e-book is closing into the last week of sale.

    Our total sales have closed in on the 1,000 mark which is fantastic and altogether will raise a couple hundred pound for UNICEF 😀

    Wooooooooooooooooooo! lol

    1. That’s brilliant! Well done all of us 😀
      So…what’s going to happen? Will the book no longer be on sale after this week? 😦

      By the way, could I add a little personal donation to that going off to UNICEF- and how would I go about doing that?

  2. Hey Alexandria 🙂

    We may look at extending the sale a little longer than a week if copies begin to sell well again but at the moment this Saturday looks to be the last day of sale.

    You can donate to UNICEF personally through this page.

    We will be considering other e-books for charity further down the line i can let you know what we decide if you’d like to participate again 🙂



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