LUSH Cosmetics

As well as being Catholic, kind-hearted (I hope!) and a regular supporter of charities (not to mention being specifically finicky with what I eat!), I am very in favour of trying to save our planet…probably due to the guilt I have over always wasting so much food, paper, and electricity.

What I particularly like about LUSH Cosmetics is that they are not only great for different skin-types, but all great for the planet, what with the company’s less-is-more approach to packaging (up to the point of having no packaging at all for things like soaps and ‘toothy-tabs’) and their fair approach to in-sourcing ingredients. There is even a ‘Charity Pot’, the proceeds of which go to three different charities every season.


Recycling is a bit part of LUSH’s ethos, as is using the correct meaning of terms such as ‘organic’ and ‘fresh’. So, as well as smelling great from their products, I also feel great on the inside for knowing that the products are actually truthful of their consistency, haha! They are against animal testing and do not use animal fats in their products.

LUSH products are 100% vegetarian, 81% vegan, and 70% preservative-free and feature everything from grapefruit juice and vanilla beans to avocado butter, rosemary oil, and fresh papaya and coconut. They also contain more traditional soap ingredients, including glycerin, linalool, and methyl- and propyl-parabens.

Box collection: Marilyn, Jilted Elf

Obviously, I am what is known as a ’LUSH-addict’- see the pictures dotted around this post, some products from my collection- but I do urge others to try a bit of LUSH for reasons other than the fact that I love their cosmetics. The scent can be a bit strong at times, even when you take the products away from the shop, and I have found that some products have not worked as well as they could have for me, such as the lip-balms, which, I felt, were too dry; everybody is different being affected by the products. This is especially true of the solid perfumes, which react with the body’s natural oil to create a person-unique scent. For instance, the three perfumes that I have, ‘Vanillary’, ‘Karma’ and ‘Love’, all become a spicy scent on my wrists.

However, the idea behind the brand is a novel one that exemplifies our changing views about cosmetic products, as well as the politics of our changing world.

Some of my information was double-checked from Wikipedia, but most of this I know already. The new-look LUSH website is:


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