If There’s One Sport I’m Good At…

…It’s ice-skating.

And this is an aside post championing the gracefulness (unless it is in learning a new move) of those on the ice, and also me partly congratulating myself on, after four months of the tedium, finally completing Silver level.

That’s right: gold is in my hands!

Surprisingly, one of the hardest skills for me to perform is one of the most known and often considered simple: the spin. I’ve gone from not being able to turn myself smoothly at all to going into the spin on one foot. However, it’s the technical areas of the spin that I fail at most; those little issues that I am being judged on. And, with a spin, it’s the body of the spin itself.

Let me explain. Two-footed spins are the logical self-explanation. One can go in two-footed and, once spinning, lift the ‘free foot’ (for most skaters, including myself, the right, as the left-foot becomes the ‘strong’ or lead), creating a one-footed spin. Now that I found hard. But, like everything, it was something I eventually overcome. However, going in one-footed, on an ‘outside edge’, tested me. It is required of the skater that they turn their body and feet ‘into’ the ice before initiating the spin itself. This often involves one complete one-footed circle of the ice before pulling in. As I have mentioned before, for me, that was the easy part. However, what became my weak point was the pulling into the spin, where my free foot would end up flicking out to the side of my body, rather than resting up next to my left knee as it’s supposed to. And, when that right foot doesn’t settle into place, that often leads to an imbalance of weight and- yes- I fell over repeatedly, rather than spinning at that point.

Another problem was giving your free foot a great jerk to get it into the correct position is that the power of that movement will create a greater velocity at the beginning of the spin. Unless you’re a confident skater, this is not something I would recommend. I’m not confident with my spins. And so, especially now that, on Gold Star Level, we are required to pull from backwards into the spin, my flaw has become that if my position going into the spin is out, even by a little, I tend to spin far more erratically, something which I find frightening.

Hopefully, however, I can overcome this problem and continue to skate on!

I have no ‘future dreams’ for ice-skating, I simply want to continue it because it keeps my figure (I hope!), it is a good conversation piece once people realise, and I have met many great friends on and around the rink.

What about you? Any sport you have a passion for or which you feel you have achieved in?


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