A Versatile Blog Award

I was nominated by Yawatta Hosby for the Versatile Blogger Award.
Right, seven facts and then I’ll nominate some people (I don’t have fifteen bloggers to whom the award has never gone). Okay, I’ll try and pick some thing that won’t be obvious unless you really know me.

1. I collect bookmarks. The latest lot are above a cabinet next to my bed, in a quirky tissue box that I just couldn’t throw away.

2. Wardrobe hangers and I are locked in an endless battle. I’ve never been able to hang my clothes on their hangers very well and, with a small wardrobe, I always find they are vying for space. And once I get the clothes on the hanger, I then can’t get them off. I don’t mean to break them. Really…

3. One of my closest friends is a huge fan of Harry Potter and, as a consequence, I have an official wand, a makeshift cloak, a broom, a hat, a chocolate frog card (having eaten the chocolate frog), an official Pygmie Puff (called Lilly), and an official house notebook. I’m in Slytherin.

4. I hate being called ginger. My hair can look a thousand different colours, but ginger, in the sense of orange-red, is not one of them. I might accept ‘strawberry blonde’ if the light was very bad, but I am actually blonde-haired. When I was eleven, I had bright blonde hair that nobody could mistake, but, as I have aged, so my hair has darkened. It still retains the golden streams that it once had, but it is a lot darker, often giving the impression of black at the roots.

5. I’m very particular when it comes to using the correct word to describe something. When I frequented the site Protagonize, each page posted was labelled a ‘chapter’, in spite of its contents or size. This annoyed me so that whenever I spoke to others about my stories, I would make sure that I was referring to pages for longer, split chapters.

6. I get cold easily, due to a genetic catch and my hands will go grey and orange. On the reverse of that, I also warm up quickly, but can have cold extremities but a warm central body at the same time.

7. One of my favourite pieces of Choral music is Fauré’s Requiem, especially the Libera Me movement. I think the reasons I like to sing it so much is that it’s the first piece of sung Latin I have been part of. It was also used in ‘The Remorseful Day’ (the last episode of Morse, an Oxford-based murder mystery series) as the last piece of music that Opera fan Endeavour Morse listens too. In fact, on the desk in front of me right now is a book entitled ‘Morse in Oxford’ that tells about the locations that they filmed the series. I live half an hour away from Oxford, so it figures.


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