Still At It…

With the end of the school term comes a load of different work, writing-work, that is. This, although made more difficult by the sudden ‘death’ of my laptop, means, for me, focusing on the novella I intend to turn into an ebook. I don’t expect much to happen with it, since this was something I wrote in my ‘baby years’ as a writer (you know what I mean), but I still want it to be available to life.

And so… I am still working on rewriting ‘Ezme’.

In fairness, I’ve been very lax about this project, not only because of school, but because my mind has been elsewhere emotionally- and because of the various ideas I have been trying to create for various online competitions. I am a writer, I have to strive somehow.

Poetry, too, has been both a hinder and a flourishing tool; my mind has lately been overrun by millions of snippets of lines, which I must weave together, and I have also been working on expanding a anthology of poems with a fantasy/abstract theme to them.

You could say that I’m actually procrastinating. One of the greatest hindrances of ‘Ezme’ is that, as well as having to change the whole story into past tense, I have to, somehow, connect up what began as not diary entries but dated scenes over four years, rarely intertwining. And that is a scary task. Especially as most begin or end with dialogue, a nasty habit I once had.

Logistically, there’s also the ‘admin’ to sort out. No, not the Amazon-ebook stuff itself, but the admin of the facts in the book. Location: unknown. So, school years? I have decided to go by the First to Seven Year system, as it seems relatively universal.

On the other hand, there are so many things I haven’t yet decided, such as whether there are going to be any major themes or morals in the book, aside from that usual one of ‘friendship conquers all’, et cetera.


Strangely, my words of the week are both nouns: ‘dell’ and ‘audacity’. They both roll off the tongue!


Thoughts, comments, replies...

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