One Lovely Blog… :)

(Yay, the title has a smiley face in it!) I got another blog award, from the lovely UponAtlas. It’s a tree. Trees are nice xD

Rules: seven things that you probably don’t already know about me, and then I shall nominate some people (only a few ‘cause I have trouble with knowing who to nominate. Just say and I might include you next time 😉 )


1. I have a covert love of disco music of the 80s. It’s no secret that I used to overly-enjoy ABBA’s music and 70s music, but I also have a soft spot for the Pet Shop Boys in the 80s and 90s. ‘Can You Forgive Her?’ is one of those disco moments I have!

2. I believe that fate is against me dying my hair. I keep deciding that I shall, and then something comes along, or somebody says something that makes me change my mind. Most recently, I was going to dye my hair at the end of the summer, when I got a part in a youth theatre company where it would have been ‘unnatural’ to be dyed.

3. I keep playing with the idea of getting a tattoo. My taste keeps changing. At the moment, I’d like the Latin phrase ‘fides quaerens intellectum’ (faith seeking knowledge) to be written along the base of my left arm.

4. Trees are nice. In my poetry, I use altogether too many nature metaphors (I need to, one day, post about that issue), especially when it’s love poetry. I guess I see love as being an entirely natural process, both the animalistic, physical aspect and the mental/emotional aspect that makes us humans rather than creatures. Having been born under the starsign Taurus, I feel a natural (no pun intended) affinity towards the world of plants and animals. One of my favourite colours is green. My birthstone is emerald.

5. Yes, I follow starsigns and horoscopes. I don’t take them as seriously as I did when I was growing up, but I still feel a connection to what is predicted. Find information about a Taurus and my personality will match up. In fact, my father- not a believer in horoscopes at all- used to call me ‘a bull in a china shop’ when I was little.

6. The amount of energy I possess marvels even me. I know when I’m tired, but I often ignore such feelings so that I can on with my day. When I’m stopped or lying on a desk, I’ve fallen prey to tiredness, but to depressive thoughts and emotions.

7. Contradicting point 4), I enjoy cityscapes, architecture, and the general rush a city gives out. Oxford [England] has its unique, archaic feel, but London [England] is just as tantalising to the senses. I enjoy being in the centre of places, rather than at the outskirts.



Daily (W)rite

StoryTelling Nomad




The Ed Experience

 That’s seven, just to make it nice 😉

Some more ‘nature-imagery’ by me, to end.



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