Things I Love: Cakes For Charity

In the second of my ‘things I love’ posts (started by Jae), I’m combining in a normal post, because it is both a general ‘this is my interesting life’ (!) post and something I love doing: helping others. I think there’s something quite satisfying about being useful and having a purpose to one’s actions.

That being the case, I am the student head of my school’s Peace and Justice Club, which basically raises awareness and money for charities. This Friday we held one of our cake sales, with the money raised going to CAFOD’s Hungry For Change <> Campaign.

We also challenged those in the younger years to decorate a cake with a charity logo upon it, to be judged by members of staff. Young people are so inventive!

Why do I love putting effort in for money that won’t go to me? I can’t say for certain. I think it’s that warm feeling inside that comes from knowing that I am the middle-man between charities that help society and the other side of society itself. The odd thing is that I’m not a particular fan of volunteering in charity shops, but I could indeed spend a whole day selling cakes and sweets to people for charity.

I wouldn’t say that I’m an activist. I’m certainly not a feminist. What I mean is that I don’t intend to deliberately cause trouble by upturning the system, but I do believe that everybody on the planet deserves a chance to live a better life. I’m happy to say that I donate to charity, because I think that they will have a better use for my money than I ever would.

And there’s something about cake-sales. They buzz with action and interest – and it means I can buy a nice cake for myself!

Handmade is always better! If one makes a cake themselves, it’s that thought of being the architect that makes handmade more delicious; if a friend makes the cake, it seems to have the added ingredient of care that ‘manufactured’ cakes lack.

So, the combination of deliciousness and doing good makes me feel joyous. That is why one of the things I love is baking and selling cake for charity!

After all, not many people dislike cake!

That cake was never going to last for long, was it?


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