Because I’m a Romantic, Even on Sims

I don’t know how romance snuck up on me. I was writing a murder mystery. Then, suddenly, in 2010, I was writing a novel at the heart (no pun intended!) of which was romance. Without the romance, I would be left with a thin plot about an alternate world at war and a family dependent on money and appearance for their happiness. Without love, the crucial time-travel would not be possible.

So. Love is very important nowadays.


In Sims, I always get excited at births, marriages (and deaths, unfortunately). Why? It’s the plot that comes within them. I think being an only child programmed me to see plot wherever I looked. And I looked to Sims a lot.

It just makes me so happy when a pairing comes together well – and sometimes creatively. The pink flowers, the dress, the photography. Sims is like the wedding planner career I will never have! And the story-telling career I only might.


I took a ridiculous amount of pictures of this wedding, but I couldn’t help it. Ally looked so gorgeous in her dress and so happy. It’s the first wedding that I’ve really done a collection/ a full shoot of shots for, but it was also a well anticipated and waited for marriage. Because, as with every family, there’s a story behind it.


Ally White was hired as an au pair for Robert Keene’s half-brother Malcolm after his father deserted his expectant mother. Having had a rough childhood himself, Robert instantly took a shine to Ally, but she needed to get herself sorted in a new neighbourhood. Fired from her first job, she quickly adapted to a journalism career whilst looking after the family’s dogs in her spare time.

Eventually, however, Robert did win her heart and, after a long engagement, they managed to organise their wedding! So, yay: wedding!


Because my game is full of graphics glitches, such as flashing red walls, water and snow, it doesn’t leave me with many ‘portfolios’ to craft, hence why I use a lot of shots that are close-up and external focused.


So, nowadays my mind is full of romance – and potential stories are everywhere. I can’t be blamed!

After all that, I never actually managed to take a picture of The Kiss.

After all that, I never actually managed to take a picture of The Kiss.


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