A Versatile Blog Award

My second Versatile Blog award from Heart of Paradise. Thank you! 😀

The rules:

~ Thank the blogger who nominated youversatile-blogger

~ Share 7 random things about yourself

~ Add the versatile blogger award on your blog

~ Nominate 15 fellow bloggers

~ Inform the bloggers of their nomination


Some more random facts about me (I am scratching at scraps here):

1. I take on way too many extra curricula activities and yet still believe I’m not doing enough. It’s impossible to find the balance, because I do know of people who are doing more than me, and this cannot be helped. However, I would like to do much more for my community.

2. I love to travel, but I am much happier at home. It’s like…my ground-point, or, to use a Psychological term, my ‘secure-base’. At the end of the day, I prefer to spend my time in tradition and order.

3. Even when I try to manage my time, I waste too much of it. It’s true – and this links into point 1. Sometimes, even when I don’t procrastinate, I find myself in a weird swamp of words to be typed up and various stories to be edited. Hence why I should be getting ready for bed, but am instead writing this.

4. I’m one of those people who is really picky about the sort of chocolate I eat. There’s a running joke between myself and my friends about this matter: “I don’t like chocolate ice-cream. Nom nom nom.” But it was chocolate ice-cream or none at all, and I love ice-cream too much! But seriously, I generally refuse chocolate because it’s not the right stuff for me.

5. I get jealous frustratingly quickly. I’d rather be on the receiving end of jealousy than have the feeling possess me personally, but often I see someone being successful and my nature overtakes me. Since I was a child, I’ve always wanted to have some sort of power. No, I’m not an egoist.

6. I also believe in fairness – and this adds to my jealousy. As Kant realised after creating his ethical theory: the evil prosper and the good fall; there is no way for someone who works so hard to gain his or her recognition, because it must just come. And that isn’t fair.

7. The one person who shares my exact sense of humour I may never see again. We parted ways half a year ago, but I still remember the way this person spoke and acted. I think I probably managed to develop my humour around them, though it would be nice to think that my humour is mature like myself!

And on that depressing note (!), I nominate. Fifteen is a little many for me to nominate, but I’m gonna throw in a Boxofthoughts (again, sorry!), dlightblog, and Poppywritesabook.


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