Just a short blog post to introduce you to my cat (that is, the cat which comes into my house. He’s not officially my own). Bobby, typical cat: whirlwind who never sits still, always hungry, likes cheese, climbs into unreachable spots….

He is a handful! At the moment, we’ve had a massive rainstorm, so the cat was in when I left for school and still in when I returned at 1.30. After I let him out, I had hoped he would find a nice place to hide, but, being Bobby, he didn’t and just wandered around the garden before disappearing. When, at four, I came down to see if he was waiting (we don’t have a cat-flap, see), there appeared to be no sign of the ginger trouble – until I called. As per his strange normality, he had been hiding in one of our overturned recycling boxes.

And then, he decided to clamber over the kitchen. Oh dear.

I hope, for the moment, he’s settled, so I can finish a chapter of Triangle I’ve been working on and maybe get something else done! I doubt it.

He's enjoying his advent calendar!
At least he’s enjoying his advent calendar!

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