My Novel Christmas Party


Woop, the characters of When the Clock Broke… are having a Christmas party! Well, not really, but the My Novel Christmas Party set of blog posts imagined that scenario. Do it; it’s great to get into the mind of your characters!



1. Who’s the first to show up and who’s the first to leave? Why?

2. Who’s the first to start a fight? Why?

3. Who’s the first to get drunk? Why?

4. Who will enjoy the party most and who will loathe being there? Why?


1. Knowing them, the Costellos would be hosting the party, so Dr. Costello would be the first to turn up, and his butler Richards would show each guest through to the one of the sitting rooms.

The first to leave would be Andrew. He’d not want to be there in the first place and would try and get away ASAP. (see point four)

2. Rion, definitely. He would start a fight with anyone, just because it makes him feel good belittling others. I reckon he could turn any conversation into a fight if he felt he wasn’t going to benefit from it.

3. Not many of my characters actually drink at all because wine is quite a speciality in their world. I can, however, imagine that the young Peter would be the most reckless to go and get himself drunk, followed by Zara because she (being from the future) has a greater knowledge of alcohol than the rest of the cast. She’d probably want to drink a lot, just for the fun of it.

4. I think it depends on the party. If it were my characters and the people they would invite, I can imagine that Aidelle would probably resent being amongst the socialites, who look down upon her; amongst my characters alone, she may feel a little uncomfortable with the Costellos, but Phillip would stand up for her.

Aside from Aidelle, studious Andrew would hate the noise of this party and would rather be working in his study.

Although they wouldn’t be the centre of attention here, both Zara and her sister, Lynnetta, would love the party because of the fun and the amount of people. Both are wonderfully outgoing.

Yay, Alex Kingston as Christmas Aidelle!
Yay, Alex Kingston as Christmas Aidelle!

What would your Novel Christmas Party be like?


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