Five Fantasy Faces

Yes, I know, I’ve had a lot of wordy posts recently and am drafting a couple of new ones, so here’s a change of pace: I was tagged by Jae to create my circle of five fantasy faces. These are the personalities of the five people you would surround yourself with and bleed into your own self.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”


The Doctor

I recent have been going through a Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker) phase, but each Doctor has his own quirks and mannerisms. I particularly have an interest in the way each one speaks and uses specific phrases (think: Ten’s “allonz-y!”). Jae herself chose David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and I can’t blame her. He’s probably my favourite Doctor for his mad eccentricity. And the fact that I have shoes like his. He is the imitatable Doctor.

"Shut up, I'm deducting." Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor plays Holmes in the Christmas special 2012

“Shut up, I’m deducting.”
Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor plays Holmes in the Christmas special 2012

Hercule Poirot

DSuchetGoogleThe only person on this list with a wonderful moustache! The former Belgium police officer now working as a private detective, of sorts, in the glossy part of London was an obvious inclusion for my fictional five circle more for his brilliance than his eccentric nature. I was inspired by Agatha Christie as a child, but now Poirot means more than mystery to me. He himself is an unique individual who only comes around once in a while.

(Link to the Wikipedia page, packed with fascinating information for if you’re a Poirot-lover like I am.)  

Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy-Brett-Sherlock-Holmes-sherlock-holmes-6544320-500-445Although I do champion Jeremy Brett’s Holmes over Benedict Cumberbatch’s interpretation, I love the eccentricity of both and the mannerisms of each, showing just how incredible a character Holmes is. He’s so versatile to portray, and yet, at the base of every actor’s ideas, there is still that integral image of the Victorian gentleman, eccentric enough to create the title of ‘unofficial consulting detective’ to pay his rent. Like the best of characters, Holmes is not perfect, and his cocaine addiction is one thing I would want to keep away from myself. Nevertheless, the way he conducts his cases and theories of detection are so novel that I would keep him here to try and aid him if not anything else.

Professor Layton

He may not even have a physical actor to portray him, but Professor Hershel Layton has incredible charm, from his dulcet, Victorian tones, to his intriguing mystery-solving skills and incredible top hat (or vice versa the adjectives!). This is one person I’d happily spend hours with, in the hope that a least a few of his mannerisms and some of his wit, gentlemanly conduct and intellect rub off on me.

And he can fence. It’s a winning combination:

Sheldon Cooper

Being a student of Psychology, I am fascinated by behaviour – especially that of those who have disorders. Although never diagnosed, Sheldon Cooper of the show The Big Bang Theory is a good example of Asperger’s Syndrome. Frankly, I find his blunt honesty and hygiene obsessions quite reasonable. And since I have half an A-Level in Physics, I would happily listen to his theoretical concoctions. I wouldn’t have much to say in return, but I can imagine myself conversing casually with him. A friend and I have assigned each other characters from The Big Bang Theory and, due to my Biology/Psychology knowledge, I’m Amy, Sheldon’s girlfriend. That works nicely!


“I’m not mad. My mother had me tested.”

And, yes, they’re all men. My sanctum altum would be full of these sorts of men because I don’t get on with fictional women so well.

Now, the people I’ll pass the baton onto to write a post about the five characters they’d surround themselves with: UponAtlasHeartofParadise, and Paigeadams.


15 thoughts on “Five Fantasy Faces

  1. What? No ladies? 😉 Still, these choices don’t surprise me. And it gives me a lot of insight to why you write the way you do. Stay unique like you are. So are you planning to study psychology at university?

  2. Oh, I haven’t been on for so long and just saw this, but thank you for passing the baton on 😀 Your posse of five is wonderfully fascinating! I don’t know how I’m going to chose just five for mine

    • Hi *waves*
      Yeah, it was really difficult to choose five people, but I had been thinking about it before so I know who I wanted up there. In retrospect, I can think of more. Can’t wait to see who you come up with 🙂

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  4. Nice picks. You’re obviously an intellectual with wonderful taste. However, picking any other Doctor over the 4th(Tom Baker) is just outright WRONG. SACRILEGE! And where is the love for Spock(Leonard Nimoy)?!

    • Thank you, that’s a nice thing to say.
      Ah, I had to mention the Fourth Doctor, but, since I started watching Doctor Who with the Ninth one, I’m more accustomed to the later Doctors.
      There is love for Spock! He just didn’t occur to me first, and, with all the characters that I could have included, I worked on a first-come, first-served basis. An unfortunate system, but one that had to be put into place!
      Romana’s awesome. She should be there in my top ten.

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