(TCWT) The Book That Changed My Life

Every writer has books that have inspired them, tickled their fancy, amused and changed them, but the difficulty is in pinning down one certain book that changes everything (and I mean everything about what we know of the world). That’s difficult, to say simply one.

This month’s Teen Can Write, Too! blog chain prompt suggested to write about the book that changed one’s life. What is one particular book that changed your life? Why did you originally choose to read it? What impact has it had on you? 

One book in particular stood out in my mind when thinking about which to choose. It had to be one I encountered in my childhood, something quite fantastic, but also, knowing me, rather archaic.

And thus you find me, talking about one of my favourite writers: Lewis Carroll. I always cite the Oxford Professor Lewis Carroll (aka Charles Dodgson) as being the inspiration of my youth, and, sure enough, his books have altered my perception of the world. Literally, in the case of Sylvie and Bruno, which I mentioned in my Personal Statement, and which started off a discussion about the knowledge of reality in an interview.


I first came across Alice Through The Looking Glass when I was given the movie along with the book in a double pack as a present. I think I originally chose to read it because there was that film alongside it, which has become one of my favourite films, and I was just curious for the tale. It’s, as one would expect, the sequel to the greater known Alice in Wonderland, and this time Alice finds herself in a similarly odd opposites land.

Kate Beckinsale as Alice in the film
Kate Beckinsale as Alice in the film

“You won’t make yourself a bit realler by crying,” Tweedledee remarked.

From the beginning, the eclectic cast of characters (including Humpty Dumpty, Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Lion and the Unicorn) aid Alice through a life-size game of chess to becoming Queen at the end.

I could spout on all day about how much I love Carroll’s simultaneously cryptic and tongue-in-cheek poetry dotted about the novel, but I’ll simply note that his style of literature has stuck with me my entire life; I’ve not yet managed to combine prose with poetry, but I have learnt to meddle in both disciplines. I think Carroll’s works have guided me to a different way of considering writing. His way of making the unrealistic (such as talking animals) seem perfectly reasonable is a trait I admire in a writer. If someone can form their world so tightly, they deserve to be noticed.

The book also contains one of my favourite poems and one I can recite by heart: the Jabberwocky.

Besides, I’d say I’m pretty good at quoting the movie, knowing the amount of times I have watched it! That gets the story points for dialogue memorability.

Some people say sequels are worse than their predecessors, but I disagree. After all, this one might just have changed my life.

“Can you do addition?” the White Queen asked. “What’s one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one and one?”

“I don’t know,” said Alice, “I lost count.”

“She can’t do addition,” the Red Queen interrupted.



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4 thoughts on “(TCWT) The Book That Changed My Life

  1. I love Lewis Carroll! (One of my favourite words to use is frabjous.) I definitely rate Through The Looking Glass as better then the actual Alice in Wonderland, but who am I kidding? Lewis Carroll is a genius.

    stopping by from the TCWT blog chain 🙂

    1. Thanks for stopping by: it’s always great to see TCWTers 😀

      I’d rate Through the Looking Glass better than Wonderland, too. There’s that extra element, I think; I dunno, it just always amused me as a child more than Wonderland did. I think Alice has more freedom in the sequel – rather than having to follow the ideas of the other characters, she sets off on her adventure, choosing when to ignore the characters and when to sit and listen to them. At least, that’s the impression I got.
      I’m more of a vorpal kind of person 😉 (Every word of the Jabberwocky is pure genius, though *delighted face*)

  2. Great post – thanks for contributing! I know I’ve read Alice in Wonderland, though it was a MEGA long time ago, but I’m not sure if I ever read Through the Looking Glass. Now I feel like that was a mistake.

    1. I’m glad I’m making you think it was a mistake. My job is well done, tehe 😉
      You’re welcome. I’m definitely thinking of doing more TCWT Chains now, though maybe not Feb ’cause I have mocks then.

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