Back Here Again

It was almost a year ago since I spoke of my gigantean task of rewriting one of my novella, Ezme, for eventual publication. Well, what with exams and the distraction of my other works calling, that didn’t get very far.

However, these years bear parallels.

As with the usual finishing of a first draft, there are going to be revisions. With the case of ‘Of Moscow Mysteries’ (OMM), it is not so simple. Once I had finished the novel, I found myself investigating the character of the protagonist and how she had changed over the course of the two years that separates OMM from its predecessor. It got me thinking about the changes that need to still be done to the draft of the first book, ‘Of Jackets and Phones’.


It’s back to the drawing (or rather: writing!) board there. This time, with Agnetha’s character better in my mind, I have been finding the chapters more easily flowing. Now to expand them all.

So, effectively, I’m back here again: at the beginning of the year with one of my first novella spreading out on the computer screen, just waiting for me to pick and pull at the threads that run throughout it. I guess it’s quite a natural feeling to want to find the holes and open them raw so that I can weave my words through to change them.

I’m hoping that, this time, I shall manage to complete another draft (this time a good one!) of edits and not become too distracted by other activities!

It’s going to be another big task for me.


4 thoughts on “Back Here Again

      1. I can see that. Do you have beta readers or CPs you can send it to? Maybe even friends in person? Sometimes the feedback can help fuel the editing fire.

        1. I have a CP, who’s mid-way through it, but my two Betas haven’t got back to me on the first chapter yet.
          I know what you mean, though: I always do feel much more ‘energised’ to edit when I have feedback. I guess that’s why I put it aside over Christmas.
          I’ll find my rhythm again.

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