Ten Things I Love About Professor Layton

This post was well overdue. I don’t share my love of the Professor Layton DS games as much as I should on this blog. And, now, presenting…

Hershel Layton!

Yay, for fan-art! The best of my drawing skills :P
Yay, for fan-art! The best of my drawing skills 😛

10. Enigmatic. One word. Should be my word of the week. Also: awesome. It’s Layton’s clothes to which I’m actually referring. Whilst the man himself has a lot of secrets, it’s his attire that is most enigmatic. He somehow manages to pull of the top hat (I love it!) and jumper/jacket combination. There used to be a teacher at my school who dressed with collar up-turned like so.

9. Action. Professor Layton may drink tea and stay up all night researching archaeology, but that doesn’t mean he is physically lazy. A competent fencer, Layton shows his skills off at the end of game when it comes to fighting the antagonist. And, of course, Layton always wins!

8. Sensible. Some geniuses can be wacky and unpredictable (*cough* Don Paolo *cough*) – it comes with the impractical quantity of the intelligence. Hershel Layton is not so. He manages to keep a calm demeanour a good proportion of the time, a cheerful temperament whilst concocting answers in his powerful mind.

7. Kindness. Not simply because he’s a gentleman, but because he also has cares for the people he meets on his adventures, whether they are grandly affected by the evil or only slightly.

6. Mysteries. It’s more than just a puzzle game, and I love how a story of actual mysteries is weaved through the games, both for us to solve and for Layton himself to.

5. Music. This is more about the game itself than the character, but I love the music composed for Layton, especially his leitmotif, something which captures my interest and imagination every time I hear it. There’s a story in each well-selected piece.

4. Voice. Frankly, he has a dreamy voice. This is probably less to do with the voice-actor (Christopher Robin Miller) and more to do with the combination of image, mannerisms and voice.

3. Romantic. He may be tough at times, but Hershel once had a woman with which he was besotted. I am a sucker for reading/watching fictional characters fall in love and I really enjoyed the dynamics between Claire and Hershel in his flashbacks in The Lost/Unwound Future.  I may be the only person in the world to romantically ‘ship’ Flora-Layton (ie. Florton) (and I got a much older sense of her from the first game, like, my age) but Claire changed my mental pairing. Claire_(Professor_Layton)_full_623946

2. Gentleman. Who wouldn’t love someone who gives free advice on how to be a gentleman/lady?

1. Intelligent. Without intelligence, there would probably not be a reason/solution for each game, but that’s to why I praise him. Instead, it’s because of his clear, methodical attitude to each mystery. Although, in the end, it’s the user who completes each puzzle, the story would not exist without Layton’s inimitable knowledge of the way the world works.


Oh, and Happy Easter for tomorrow. My scheduled post isn’t about Easter, but it is about brains…and they’re kinda shaped like eggs… xD

Alex away! “Success!”


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