Photo of the Week: Goose

This week’s photo is of a very stand-offish goose (I mentioned there were geese around my parts and this is one fine specimen of them). He (she?) was very against having his photo taken, through hissing and, mostly, moving away. You can see his friend in the background, who was keen to obstruct my photography. Why do I like animals as my subjects??


And: geese.



4 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Goose

  1. I really like your second picture. Good lines and perspective. But I really do hate geese. They like to have a party on our roof early in the morning. It could be the dead of winter, they don’t care. They sure didn’t bother to fly south, they’re only interested in the cocktail parties on the roof. Maybe I’ll show them a picture of their English cousins and they’ll head east (at least until they realize the big pond is too big for them, but then they won’t be my problem anymore. 😉 )

    1. Thank you. Yes, I like the first picture for the goose’s expression, but I was also drawn to posting the second picture because of, as you say, the lines.
      Ah, one of my best friends is afraid of geese. I just look at him, raise my eyebrows and shake my head. I don’t get that, you slightly older people. They’re just birds! 😉
      Haha, but yeah, I can imagine the partying is annoying for you. Come hither, birdies!

      1. Seriously. I’m good with ducks. Ducks are cute and at least around here quiet. But geese. Well, I guess if civilization breaks down there’s a healthy food source. 😉

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