Photo of the Week: Towers


I live in a town that used to be a hub of coal power station life. Nearby my house, we have two man-made hills and lakes, an attraction, even if originally false. However, I have grown to have a spot at the top one of those hills – from there I surround myself with views. And from there, I used to be able to see the towers steaming.

That was, until earlier this year, when they shut the coal part of the plant down. It was getting old, and we are moving on. Nobody wants old-fashioned electricity anymore, not when it’s said to be harming the environment.

I think this was taken on Thursday, walking back from my club as the sun set. I was in the right place at the right time to get the colours and angles of this shot of the sun through the extinct cooling towers. I like to think that the mood is rightly portrayed – of loss and sad change.


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