May I…?

Hello, awesome blog readers! I feel like I ought to have some stream of a theme for May…at least, the first couple of weeks. May has always been a special month for me, especially since I recently found out it is the month of Mary, Mother of Jesus, too! As part of that and the Year of Faith, I’m going through the decade of the rosary at school.

So, I felt I ought to add some May-spice to my posts here, too.

Any ideas, my readers? I want to keep it simple. You can probably feel the strain emanating as I write this; I don’t have much mental power left for blog posts in the evening, what with revision and magazine work and editing. Don’t get me wrong, though, I love the strain. It keeps me from thinking of res cordis tenerae.


I intend to put up a picture-post of flowers, recent and past, soon, but that’ll likely be for a Tuesday. Wednesday at a push.

I’d actually like to take my mind off life with a set of challenges given by you comites blogspheris (companions of the blogsphere!), but, again, that’s dependant on what I’m physically and mentally able to do. It’s, as we say in Psychology, the length-breadth trade-off.

So far, I’ve actually done pretty well for filling half of my week, but ideas are always appreciated! And, as you can see, I’m currently in the middle of redesigning my blog for a more summery feel.


Until tomorrow,

Alex 🙂


2 thoughts on “May I…?

  1. I’m not sure exactly what ideas you’re looking for, but something that came to mind was maybe saying which flowers remind you most of certain characters you’ve created and why. I know flowers have certain meanings. I suppose it was your theme that made me think of this. 🙂

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