Interviewed by Deborah R

I was interviewed by Deborah Rocheleau about reaching my goal of completing the first draft of Triangle. As you may well know, this happened about a month ago in the Easter break. However, the interview was only put onto the web a few days ago.

The summary-thing:

Andrea has never believed in love at first sight. Yet, on the eve of her thirtieth birthday, she feels it’s time to settle down, just as she bumps into local bank employee, Keith. He’s dull, but he evidently likes her, and Andrea lets him pursue her to the point of moving in with him when she finds herself homeless.

But when a stranger with a familiar name turns up on her new doorstep, Andrea gets a taste of everything she had before called a trick of the mind. He’s not perfect, but neither is Andrea. And, in spite of her better judgement against the coincidences that link this man to her, she finds herself desperately helping him.


Here are some highlights:

DR: You set a specific word-count goal to reach for your romance novel. How did you choose that end point? Did this number intimidate you, or were you confident you could reach it?

Me: Well, it was more like a later-moment idea. I didn’t sit down and think “I want to make this novel over 100K”. In fact, it was only about the middle of last year that I realised I could actually finish the novel. I kept adding to it. And kept adding… It occurred to me that I could set a goal and make it more interesting. This also meant that I could allow my chapters to be more in-depth.

DR: One important thing when setting a goal is giving yourself a deadline. Have you found a deadline motivates or detracts from your writing?

Me: *Laughs* Yes, motivates. I like saying “I wrote this when I was a teenager” (even if the certain ‘this’ is shorthand for ‘first draft’), so setting my 18th birthday as a deadline was a real motivator.
DR: Who helped you the most to complete your goal?
Me: In particular, a friend’s cousin, Lillie, amused me with her comments, some very literary, some simply – “grr, Keith, how could you do this?” – personal attacks on characters. Reader reaction makes writing so much more fun!
To read the full interview, just go to Deborah’s blog.

4 thoughts on “Interviewed by Deborah R

  1. Congratulations on completing your first draft! And nice interview! You should be very proud of yourself. Do you plan to work with critique partners and/or beta-readers for your later drafts? If you ever need help, let me know. And I can’t wait until it comes out. Your story sounds cute. I like that a nerdy guy is in the mix. Nerds need love too 🙂

    Keep smiling,

    • (I thought I’d replied to this comment already, but it must have been lost in the computer-ness, :o)
      Thanks, Yawatta! Yeah, I’ll need Beta readers later – after editing. As I wrote the novel over three/four years, I’d be happy to show people Part Three (the story is in 3 parts), but never Part One until I’ve completely reshaped it! 😛
      Yeah, being a nerd myself makes it easier to put them into my stories. 😉 And I happen to like nerdy guys! The protagonist is a psychologist, so she’s a bit of a nerd, too, which helps. 😛

      • Yeah, sometimes I think I leave comments then nothing. Somewhere it gets lost in the blogosphere.

        Sometimes major rewrites can be fun–seeing your story in a new light. Happy editing!!!

        And, I’m a nerd too. Gotta love us 🙂

        Keep smiling,

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