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After the nice fluffiness of last week’s birthday week, I’ve not been having a very fortuitous week this week. After a particularly down day today and getting my last chapter polished for my Critique Partner, I have no energy for the Wednesday post (though, that’s not to say that I don’t have ideas and half-material).

Instead, here is an extract of the Continental Almanac I’m working on for background to the setting of my WTCB trilogy:



Andrew Costello is born.

First successful train journey not ending in engine failure. The first families to travel include the Costello brood, the Villante heirs, and the Montgomery family, mother to whom is heavily-pregnant Anastacia, an Upper with mild skin-tone and gingery hair.



Aimee Montgomery is born.

The first feminism rally recorded to allow women equal access to education is interrupted by higher-class ministers. However, the ladies catch the attention of lower-class workers and servants. Percival believes he cannot trust his father’s servants, so fires them and replaces them with a skeleton household of a cook and a butler, Tomas Richards. Richards’ wife occasionally serves as a wet nurse for the children when Octavia hosts.

The train is regarded as a highly-expensive mechanism. It is no longer used for short journeys, but for cross-Continent journeys.



Percival Costello announces to ten-year-old Stuart that he will marry a woman chosen by his parents. To the boy, this seems entirely natural.

Octavia finds herself pregnant again. At first, she sets plans to make this her last, but she ‘knows’ the child will not be. During her first trimester, she begins having frightening dreams of the future and a black-haired girl with loose curls. She lies to Percival that the first dream was also the last.

Phillip Costello is born. Octavia adores her youngest, but retreats from society’s eye when the dreams continue, though now infrequent, leaving her weak and uncertain. She stops inviting Costello cousins to dine. When questioned, medical experts claim she has post-partum depression.

Maximillian Folster is born to Kenneth and Genevieve Folster. Their involvement with the servants and middle-class found them in the press. Now, the Folsters have survived, but tentatively.



Venetia Costello, sent to a Service Home and already out of the public eye, dies.

Kian Costello steps in to look after the maturing family when Percival is called away to war. However, after making a pass at Octavia, he is banned from the house. Kian and Percival’s once-close friendship begins to deteriorate.

Octavia becomes more wary, and slips on a sharper edge. When Jodrell Masters comes to paint the family, she snaps and sends him away.



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