Loving Life

I’m afraid it’s simply a short, arbitrary post today, for various reasons – one being my Pitcharama pitch receiving FIVE requests – for which I am incredibly chuffed, but also pretty…well, frightened. Sometimes I wonder if I’ve jumped in at the wrong end of the pool, so to speak.

Anyway, I’m putting posting aside for a few days for this reason. I’m bringing forward the massive, summer edit of When the Clock Broke and frantically trying to invigorate my synopses ideas…

I can do this. I will do this.

Whilst, at the same time, I’m going out and spending the night at brilliant local clubs. C’est la vie.

What can I say? I have ideas – I fulfil them; I thrive on society – and so, I work my way further into it, even with the frantic anxiety disorder that surfaces when I step into a crowded place. I do survive, as weird as it may be.

Even so, I’m happy I’ve arrived. For, what do we have if not the experiences stored in our long-term memory, be it pictorially or through the magic of verbal memory. Even having studied memory, I find it a fascinating maze to maneuver. And maybe, one day, I’ll find my way out to something more perfect.

Yes, this is a post about being victorious and living life to the full everyday just because we can. In the last couple of years, I’ve learnt so much and been blessed with tremendous friends, that I’ve understood my purpose and the epistemic distance from God a little more. Through all trouble, I power on because I must – and when the respite comes, it is more glorious than before.

For that I am certainly blessed.

Picture by B. Self.
Picture by B. Self, July ’10


Alex out 😉


5 thoughts on “Loving Life

  1. asdfkdfgjsdfncsdeh WELL DONE!!!!!!
    You wonderful person! This makes me so happy!
    The absolute best I wish for you – to your current fulfilment, and many more victories to come!

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