Changing Minds

As it always is, I thought a lot about my post for today. I have a collection of half-writtens waiting for me to pick them up and rewrite my train of thought all over them.

However, none of that happened. Somehow, my days are zooming past – perpetually – and I find that the ideas vanish, too.

It’s not for wanting them, though. I did really want to post today, but the metaphysical muses (as opposed to my actual Muse of first drafts and male characters) condemned my tongue to this madness!

And, as my mind has been jumping recently, I have been dazed and dizzied. TV is loud and quiet simultaneously as I tune in and out rapidly. Such is my life nowadays.

pensive in monochrome

Yes, it’s fair to say that I’ve been changing my mind a lot lately. Not about my writing – in that, I am more firm than ever – but in my daily lives. As with every end of things (the end of my school career) and every beginning of things (editing and rewriting), not stumbling through falls.

We all have wanderings through our minds taking precedent.

Thus, today’s post is. It’s not witty, scientific or relevant to my novels, but it is, at times, relevant to me. I don’t make big decisions quickly, because I might change my mind. Have you ever faced a tough decision, and simply wanted to sit down and draw up lists of the pros and cons.

That, my friend, is human nature. I can’t tell you exactly what evolutionary powers are behind the way we act, but survival used to rely on reasoning. In this modern age where things are so much more complicated and feeling-based, we might not think so much, we may instead act on the flicking impulse of our minds.

Perhaps.  I know I think – but that’s why I find solace in philosophy, for its thought-experiments and arguments. My polymath sense will never stop me thinking – or writing in most genres!

Yet, in a way, that’s also why this post was meant to be some other topic, but it got lost amongst my other pastimes, those other parts of my ebullient brain.


Also, writers, you know that you can say a book with ‘series potential’, is it also possible to say ‘trilogy potential’, or is that just unnecessary?

And I had to get rid of the allusion to Amelia Earhart in my novel because 1) they don’t have planes, and 2) the idea didn’t work with her being a boat-pioneer. Still she must exist in my world! I will be looking to include her in The Almanac at some point!

You see: I told you my mind keeps jumping. 😛

Alexandrina 🙂


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