Off to Uganda

Hey-o, Blogworld, I’m off tomorrow to the beautiful African country of Uganda. Yup, my one-and-a-half weeks’ return to the nature of blogging was temporary, as I dart overseas for more time than ever before.

What, you may ask, am I do to in Uganda for nigh-on three weeks? Well, for a few days, I will be working at the sister school to my own, helping with building work and painting. After that, I shall be doing the typical tourist-y things. But even those are more exciting than before.

Gorilla trekking? Yes, please!


However, as such, I know that I will not be able to do any posting until at least the 23rd of July, leaving a rather huge abscess over this blog. *waves hands in an ‘indicatory’ way* I wish I could be here, guys, but I also have wishes to abolish inequality.

Thus, I’m going to help poor Ugandan girls. And look at monkeys.

I’ll take many photos, that I know, since I will have no phone. I also hope to continue with WTCB2 or the trilogy’s Continental Almanac, ready for my return. By then, I might actually have a proper laptop. One can hope.

Oh, and maybe – just maybe – when I return, I’ll get around to some more heavy writing posts, with opinion, science and improvement all rolled into one.

Ciao for now,
Alexandrina 🙂


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