Photo of the Week Uganda Special: Poverty

You may look at me absurdly: a Photo of the Week post as late as Thursday? Why, it’ll easily be next week in a minute! That’s true, but my argument lies here: I was still in Uganda on Monday – in transit the entire day – Tuesday I posted my return post; on Wednesday, I was surprised to discover that I had a blog-chain post to write. And here we are at Thursday!

Besides, I have devised a slight change that might make the Photo of the Week posts crop up twice per week, whilst giving Thursday an opportunity on the blog.

My Photo of the Weeks to come will be my select favourites from the ‘portfolio’, where I tell of the situation.  The photo below never fails to captivate me.



Although animals and scenery may be important, the people are the reason I put my name down for the Uganda trip. Originally devised to keep in touch with our sister school, now Upper Sixth students are also sent to work on a project at a neighbouring school, St. John’s Secondary and its adjoining St. Lucia’s Primary.

The first day we were given a tour of St. Lucia’s grubby, cosy buildings, we came across this young student hiding behind the corner of one building. We, the mzungu (white people), naturally were frightening to her. How she stared!

But this picture is more to me than my travels. Sure, I was there, but it could have easily been any white person to see a dark-skinned child in oversized school-clothes. From the beads braided into her hair to the smudge of dust on her cheek and the cautious expression, everything about this picture says to me of how third world Uganda is compared to the UK.

And every time I look at this picture, I see a different part of her life, be it the school, the food or the future…wherever that might lead.

Hence why this photo easily makes it into my top three photos from my trip. It is more than simply a sight ‘of the week’.


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