Photo of the Week Uganda Special: Thank You, Rosa

Granted, I ruined my streak of one-word titles for my photos, but I’ll make an exception for the Uganda ones.



Our entire journey, we travelled in this bus, with five seats that pulled out because there were not enough regular seats for the entire group of us. However, it became my home and my writing base for the two weeks, hence the reason it makes my photo-of-the-week space and a short detail of its story.

The ‘Rosa’ is a type of minibus in Uganda like the Landrover would be for England. When we journeyed to the Uganda Museum one afternoon, we came across a whole convoy of Rosas, none lilac like this beauty, but all resplendent in their painted colours.

Another reason, apart from the bus being a part of my journey across Uganda, that I wanted to take an elegant, posed picture of the bus was because of the words tripping through my mind every time I stepped off- and on-board:

“Thank you, Rosa.”

Unless you are as obsessed with Professor Layton as me, I don’t think there is much significance with such a phrase.

I haven’t yet managed to contort my accent to his (male voices always escape my soprano larynx), but it does not stop me from hearing the sweet words of the Professor as he thanks Gressenheller University’s housekeeper, Rosa.

And, in a way, this bus was my own housekeeper – or, perhaps, heart-keeper, as I poured my novel out in times of dramatic change and solitude. For that:

“Thank you, Rosa.”

(Me thinks the Professor and Emmy exist in an alternate universe somewhat like mine. Hmm, post ideas brewing…)


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