Photo of the Week Uganda Special: Elephant Eating


In Uganda, we had the luck to go on more than one boat-cruise, though this one was the longest and the nicest, travelling Lake Edward in the Queen Elizabeth national park. Whilst we saw elephants cross the road on our journey to the national park, being on the river with them beside us was definitely a more special occasion.

I love elephants, aesthetically. Whilst they will never beat the ‘fluffiness’ of a wild cat, I’d still say that elephants are ‘cute’. And it is this response that this picture always elicits in me.

But imagine being within five metres of the great creature, without the clutter of a windowpane in the way! My new camera does through-glass shots, but nothing beats a old-fashioned scenery picture.

I was lucky to get the shot I did, actually.

Far from being one of those look-up-at-the-right-time moments, the cruise over Lake Edward meant that we were privy to many critter moments, where the animals walked the banks and almost posed. However, what I think makes this imagine special to me is that, amongst the other photos of elephants I collected from my trip, only this one shows the elephant in her natural habitat.

As we drifted along, I raised my camera to the elephant, took a few pictures and waited as we moved in opposite-direction unison. The last photograph I took was this, and enough to satisfy me – she looked into my eyes as she lifted away a bunch of greens from the stubbly plants to the side.

That is the way they should be left, in the end: natural.


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