Photo of the WeeK: Toys

Today’s Photo of the Week focuses on one of my weaker photography points: still life. I find nothing wrong with the concrete and one-toned, but my artistic side is livened by studies like the abstract or the natural. A toy may not blow in the wind, but that exact reason may be why I cannot so capture their magic.

I move house this time next week, so I have been packing every little detail from my room. And I have a collective personality, so my room is filled with your impression of junk. But it’s real for me.

Anyway, I have/had a Ty ‘hotel’, where all my soft toys (I tried to stick to collecting Ty beanies, but the older I got, the more I was lax with specifics) reside/did reside, and from that I lifted all manners of creatures.

webkinz-logoI was also given a collection of Webkinz from a friend with American siblings, and this lady-cow comes from that collection, hence the elaborate licks of fur. Her name is Jessica, and, yes, she is wearing pajamas with a pink poodle on them (also a present)! I tried to include in my shot both Jessica‘s expression and her outfit, but her face was too large (!) and so we are left with this. There’s also a story behind the text she’s sitting on, but now’s not the time to go into digressions.

Perhaps, Jae, you could start your doodles of clothed animals with this little lady? XD



Due to the date today, I was also reminded of a picture I took for the 365 Challenge two years ago. Happy Birthday to anybody else out there with birthdays!

Happy Birthday



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