Photo of the Week Uganda Special: Children of the Streets

The last of my Ugandan portfolios pictures. I apologise for the break in posting before – things just got in the way of my organisation, or the internet was down…and, argh, excuses. For some reason, I find the children there wonderful to photograph. Their expressions are so wonderful.


On one of our last days in the country, we finished those tourist-y ventures by going to Jinja (pronounced like the spice, which Ugandans themselves actually pronounce as ‘g-ing-ah’ with a hard g), to the source of the Nile. The waters lapping our canoe-like boat – don’t lean too far over! – and the small monkeys jumping about the banks, our guide talked about the first Caucasian to look out over the vast banks and ripples…and crocodiles. Yup, we saw a couple of those, too.

Later, we journeyed to the falls at the edge of the city, luscious water rushing in tiers over and over; on our high cliff, the water moved from my right to my left, almost entirely 360, as its path roiled down and onwards.

Around us hung the chatter of the Ugandans who lived to make profit from the tourists and their interests in the waterfall. I may not have bought any more paper-bead jewellery, but their children were still fascinated by the group of mzungu. When I turned, their little eyes peered at me, they giggled and blushed; they gathered together: the perfect subject.

I only took one photo of those gathered, but I only needed one, hence why this is my last photo. It was one of the last I took, but it was also one of those I took without needing much thought of preparation. This has the sepia filter on it – I wanted a more antiquated look for the pictures of children – but I played around with various filters over my original photo. This is probably my favourite of the filters.

So ends my pictorial journey through the mysterious, incredible land of Uganda. Maybe one day I shall return – maybe one day I shall write a trilogy (I have a plan!) about working for those less-well-off.


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