National Poetry Day :)

Today is National Poetry Day – yay! – and the theme this year is water. Now, I’ve not been writing much actual poetry recently, just ducking in and out and dabbling, so no water metaphors or ideas here, though I’ll think during today about that. Just be happy I’m posting poetry at all 😉

You Think I Don’t Notice Your Flaws?’ challenges the stereotype of people in love (particularly women) who idolise their partner and consider them perfect; in fact, in many instances of good literature, the characters notice and berate their partner’s flaws, but love them all the more for it. Flaws make a person exactly who they are. And you know you wouldn’t love them were they any other way made.


You think I don’t notice your flaws?

The fast car you drive so

Recklessly because you know,

You know it makes you look like

A glorious luminary,

A king in name and only borrowed nature,

Whilst you languish

In posh prophetic,

Waiting for our crystal hearts to smash;

This card will display both lovers and

The lover’s blood,

Tainted arrogance.

I see you: you are my scrying mirror

With a tarnished reflection,

Where once clung a varnished surface.

This is always about you, isn’t it?

We slide, slip from tawny reflections

Onto the shards:

Our pathways converge at the worst

Junction, bitter words and

Running away. You and

Me, glares across the room.

You think I am watching a perfect man?

Ignorance does not fit you into robes.

You were smarter when you taught

Me anything etiquette.

Now, I’m simply eyeing

Arrogance. Where did you

Stash your perfection?

Yet, I don’t miss it.

Thinking of shaking you from my mind,

My breath catches.

For Shakespeare spun:

The world maketh the man,

And, my dear Muse, my pen has

Not stopped running

Since we locked eyes

And fought with thought;

Not your flaws – though you have them,

“they in thee a thousand errors see” –

But in the warmth from your eyes,

My errors are grander;

I forget every anger

And your flaws lift you on wings.



Edit: Just heard this Bastille song for the first time. Very appropriate, yes?


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