Photo of the Week: Shielded

So, anyway, this happened:


Look – it’s my name above 2013!

On Friday, it was my school’s senior school prizegiving. I didn’t expect much from the event (knowing my surprisingly low tolerance to envy-producing situations), but going along meant I got to see a few people from the class I hadn’t see since July, so that was one advantage.

The prizegiving always awards a variety of trophies and shields to those who have achieved the most or the best in specific subjects. For instance, the GCSE lot have a prize for the best in show, as such, the highest grades. I expected the Classics’ Cup (being the only full Latin scholar) and the Magazine Prize, but this – the Drama Shield, and something I might once have coveted before I realised coveting made no sense – came as a sudden surprise.

My surprise was from not taking the full A Level Drama, but still being given the shield. However, on reflection, two points came to me. 1) I’d been the only Upper Sixth to participate in the production that year, making my total count of school productions 5 out of my 7 years, not including the two joint school productions I did or the four end-of-year pieces I did for exams and entertainment across the years. 2) One of the girls whose name is on the far right of this picture, and who had been one of my role models when I was in my first year and she in her last, had rarely been allowed to do Drama as a subject like I had, so she had, whilst being academic, turned her dramatic interests to the productions.

So, like her, I have pressed a mark onto the school. Finally.

(I've talked about playing Eliza Doolittle for my GCSE exam)
(I’ve talked briefly about playing Eliza Doolittle for my GCSE exam in this post about Sherlock and plotting)

On a photographic side, this shield was difficult to take, due to its super reflective surface and twenty-one years’ worth of names on miniature shields surrounding that glamorous central boss. In addition, I wanted to capture the blue Greek masks, whilst having some arrangement of the mini shields and that fabulous wood grain. As you can imagine, this was difficult when the reflected my camera. Thus, I’ve gone for a very tilted shot typical of my work, capturing the pieces of the shield I wanted to show. 😉


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