Reasons I’ve Not Been Posting This Week

I promised myself I’d post about my perception lecture yesterday – and, if anything goes to plan, I may well still post on the weekend – but my time-management is all over the place, as well as my body-clock being on crazy. I’ll probably survive the sleepover at this rate.

Nevertheless, I crawl back to Miss Alexandrina with an apology and some rather tepid reasons:

  • I’ve been working on an examined lab report for tomorrow – to the point where I open my eyes and see graphs. Urg. I feel like I’m doing a NaNo of my own.
  • I’ve also been stressing out about said lab report, causing me to watch rubbish TV and gorge sweets as a distraction. I have an unhealthy lifestyle. Deal with it.
  • I do too many extra-curricula activities and I like that. I will head to swing dance soon.
  • I should be editing WTCB, but I’m procrastinating.
  • After receiving it back from my beta, I’m still editing my short story about modern-day fairies, tentatively called Green Wings in the Maths Block. Here’s an extract:

“Fuck,” she said.

A hand – silvery-white in the dim light – crept down her thigh again and yanked away a slip of the torn skirt. She crumpled the murky piece of fabric and pressed it against her skin. Onto a trail of thick liquid. Had the ooze not been violent green, I would’ve sworn that she had been injured. Had she not been cut by some wooden-bladed arrowhead now on the floor, I might have believed her pain was real.

Still, though, the woman dabbed at her gash.

So, anyway, that’s me for now. WHAT’S UP WEDNESDAY! How has your week been? As busy as mine? If you’re doing NaNo, how is it going, just after halfway through?



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