Prayers Sell Houses

In Journey to Faith this week, we discussed set prayers, and I was reminded of this post by a dear friend of mine, Lillian Woodall, when her family was trying to sell their house over the summer. They prayed a lesser-known prayer, the Novena – specifically, this to St Joseph, a Saint close to my own heart.
And it works, it does work.


Yesterday we sold our house.

Let me begin from the beginning. In September 2011 we finally paid off our mortgage (when I say ‘we’, I mean my dad). By March 2012 our house was on the market. My family had lived there twenty years.

Last August we moved. It was quite an uprootal, I’ll admit, but the change of scenery brought my general mood out of the shade, so I’m grateful for that.

Anyway, for the past seventeen months we’ve been trying to sell our house in a floundering market. No movement anywhere. Plenty of viewings, but nothing consequential. An exceptionally bad time to be an estate agent, round here. Value may have dropped twenty percent in the past year, but no one has even the eighty percent which our house should’ve been worth. Calamity all round, basically.

In order to hold two properties at the same time we used…

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