Photo of the WeeK: Arms

An old one this week (that is, to say, an old photo I’ve not used before), since I’ve not had much time (been editing almost non-stop until two days ago when I then went out for a friend’s birthday) and not much of which to take a picture.


This is the coat of arms-type embossment over the top of the main gate of Wantage Hall, Reading – as you can probably tell, another sits the other side of the door-arch for symmetry. Apart from the fact that the stone is a splendid grain, and, as such, sits well against the red-brick and the brown-wood door, I love the detail. They could have designed anything, and, no doubt, there’s meaning behind those things they have. Aesthetically, the fruit vine catches my eye, and the way it winds into the wreath.

And is that a W winding across the shield? 😉 I hope you had a good holiday and are getting ready for the new year.


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