Photo of the Week: Oiled


Quite by coincidence, I found this lovely lamp at my father’s new house. With its Neovictorian glamour (in both senses of the word), it fits in perfectly with the décor at Costello Mansion. In fact:

Peter’s world darted back and forth and he gathered the loose cable. The flame fizzled up as he wiggled the thick tube back into its port in the spherical head of the lamp. Heat crescendoed and the flame warmed to life.

On this photograph, no post-snap editing, but I jacked up the contrast, saturation and sharpness, but pulled the brightness down one notch to achieve the pixellated bronze effect in quite a busy surrounding.


2 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Oiled

  1. This brought back memories…my aunt used to live in the Laurentian mountains in Quebec in Canada and she had no electricity. We used to go and stay with her when I was a kid and she would have several of these lamps going…I used to love the smell and the orange flames were so warm (but a bit dim)…

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