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Photo of the WeeK: Scots’

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A rather shoddy shot this week, I’m afraid, but I was lax on the photo side of things. University is picking up again, and my priorities are making my head spin. The photograph below was from the [Robert] Burns’ Night meal we had – it’s a traditional Scottish dessert, hence the title I’ve given here.

It may not look very nourishing, but I can guarantee that this little pot was full of so much flavour and that cream was incredible. Three raspberries sat atop (one of my favourite fruits!) and the mixture of the soft, dry oats and the sweet, moist cream combined into palate explosions!



Author: Alexandrina Brant

Writer with passions for puzzle-solving, singing, acting and science. When I'm not working on the Time, Stopped Trilogy, I'm playing Quidditch for Reading University. I'm also a Steampunk lady, and I like shiny things that are both beautiful and practical. 'Pragmatic' is not one of my three middle names, but it should be!

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