Quoting Myself

I have started to get back into YouTubing, and I did a brief recording to entertain myself whilst going through a round of editing. People always say that we should read our MS aloud, and, whilst I was enjoying making a Stephen Fry voice narrate to me, I decided it was time to use my own voice.

And it’s not too bad. Even for a rough recording.

Anyway, I sent my recording to the Beta whose edits I was following. Her surprising response made me smile:

oooohhh MUCH MUCH SQUEE!!!

“if there is any purpose we fulfil by existing, it is in loving”

“love has ultimate power that human brevity cannot conceive or deny beyond good and evil”

and the intensity with which you drop you voice on “and I always will” and “Aidelle means everything” ……. hkagfdysdf

Reminds me of that gorgeous poem you wrote from Phillip’s perspective ages ago – gah, I loved/still love that.

And how was I to reply to that? By recording said Phillip’s poem:

I find myself thinking of these same things, sometimes. Whilst Phillip’s love speech is full is of eloquence and drama, other bits of his dialogue I find myself picking out, too. What can I say? I like quoting myself. I like some of the way I used to write – the freedom of the first draft, I guess – and this is no different; this stuff about ideas and change and life haunts me in lovely writing from beyond the pages of the prose.

I’m tired. It’s been a long week, and my mind isn’t functioning as well as it should be.


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