Vlog: Self-Harm Awareness Day

(Seeing that I managed to miss Self-Injury Awareness Day this year, here’s a neat vlog giving a quick summary of self-harm.)

Reclaiming Equilibrium: A journey of acceptance and healing from Bipolar Disorder

(the video is clearer if you click the link and watch it on Youtube)

Hello everybody.

Yesterday/ this morning I have made a video on Self-Harm in honour of Self-Harm Awareness Day/ Month.

I deal with:
– What is Self-Harm.
– Why People Self-Harm.
– How Common is Self-Harm.
– What to do if you Self-Harm.

And I have interspersed some of my own personal experiences.

I hope you enjoy the video. It was difficult for me to make as I am still getting used to talking about it. If you have a youtube account then please subscribe. I am new to YouTube so would really appreciate the support. Also if you don’t already I tweet here : @fighiting_stigma.

Thanks for reading/ Watching. x

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