Photo of the Week: Equinox

I’ve finished for the term! I can’t tell you to expect more posts over the Easter break, though, as I will be revising for my First Year exams, and I’m not sure how I need to do so.

In nature news (!), the Equinox was this week, so yay, officially Spring! I guess this photograph celebrates that. Around Reading campus – one of the greenest campuses in England, might I add – the flowers are starting to unveil their lovely heads. I had so much choice for a photo of the week (and I’ll be posting a picture post later this week of the flora I’ve encountered), but, in the end, progress of choice came from the loss of time and the point of opportunity.

Basically: I saw a pretty flower and got close enough to get a clear, focused photograph of it! This daffodil is from the forest path around the lake. I adjusted the brightness a little on the photo gallery programme on my laptop to give the central daffodil an ethereal element, but other than that, the photo should be, as usual, in pure form.



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