Where Is Alex?

A Saturday post thrown hastily together in the evening as Friday’s attempt ran out of time…as usual. I’m almost officially back into term-time (if one counts Sundays as beginnings of weeks as I do) and I’m sorry to say that you should expect the regularity of my posts to, well, fail.

Anyway, I thought I’d give a rundown of the places I was online this week that don’t include this here blog. I have a new blog for the sake of solely critiquing and pitching, but she’s in the baby stage yet, so not ready for linkage.

On Tuesday, I jumped over to Melissa A Petreshock’s blog to write for Teen Tuesday. Aptly, I chose to concentrate on the way writing whilst not exactly taking a backseat, changes form when one becomes a university student. I shoehorned in some psychology and managed to craft something of a philosophical view! Here’s an extract:

The truth is that the way I write now is almost counter-logical. I may wake later and have two-hour clubs after dinner, but I give my evenings almost solely to writing now, unless I have an assignment due in (even then, I would hope to have made progression on it during the day). In general, as we mature from the schedule of being ‘teens’ to being ‘young adults’ (or should that be ‘New Adults’?), we alter our circadian rhythm, our innate bodyclock, to a pattern that should allow us to make the most of the day.

I have always written better in the evening, but before I moved into halls, I had limited time (yes, until I was eighteen, I had a designated bedtime…except, of course, we didn’t call it that!), but now I’m surrounded by people who stay up until the wee hours of the morning. In true human nature style, I adapt. And my writing adapts with me.

Last Friday, I did the unusual and vlogged a little of my life, reading from an extract of my WIP. I intended to do another vlog yesterday, but time is slipping from my grasp again – and I might have solved the problem of genre for my lovely polished thing, making the intended video moot. Nevertheless, if you want to hear my reading-to-camera style…

Hopefully, I can get some more videos recorded in lieu of written posts, otherwise I might die of exam trauma. (Overexaggerating much?) I also vlogged with my friend BethSaysxx, but she has put up our guide to surviving Private School yet. Keep an eye out. 😉

Until next time! 😀



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