The Premise of When the Clock Broke in Gifs

I stole this idea from the awesome Cait Drews. I illustrate the premise of my novel with crazy gifs, for your amusement. 😉


Upper-class pacifist Phillip Costello and stubborn middle-class Aidelle Masters are getting married. In a month and a half, in fact.

Of course, as these things go, not everyone is happy about their union. After all, jealous socialite women (like Aphrodisya from my pitch slam entry) have spread rumours about Aidelle and tarnished the name of the Masters family.

Phillip’s own brother, Rion, is more concerned about the impending war against the Second Continent. When he vows to estrange Phillip from his share of the Costello inheritance unless he do the more noble thing and serve his continent, Phillip knows that, for Aidelle’s sake, he’s got to leave.

Much love for two consecutive Thomas gifs.

But Phillip, being the prejudiced and private man he is, won’t admit to her that he’s run out of money. To Aidelle, Phillip would simply rather go to war than marry her. He’s finally realised that the socialites have been right. And that makes her mad.

The last moment Aidelle remembers before sinking into her armchair in sobs is a slammed door, a broken engagement, and the crashing reverberation of the timepiece she chucked at her fiancé.


Aidelle wakes, bewildered, to the sound of a voice in her abandoned bedroom. The sky outside is still a crackling storm, flowers thrashed and soaked; the house hasn’t aged. When a strange girl introduces herself as someone from Aidelle’s future, Aidelle’s all:

There’s wittiness in choosing this gif. 😉 Also, both Belle and Snow from Once would make good adult versions of the mysterious girl, Zara.

But this strange girl gives Aidelle a reason to live again: trapped in a bubble of time poured from the timepiece, she has the chance to fix the clock here and rewind the moment of the argument. One more chance to convince Phillip to stay…this time without the hissy fit.


Gratuitous Lucy Hale gif. The image reminds me how much she looks like Zara.

In his own time, Phillip’s not going to give up, either. He returns from war to the bombed ruin of his townhouse. Basically, he’s like:

But with Aidelle’s name rather than Gandalf’s, of course. The atmospheric background stands.

Rion doesn’t care. One remark and he’s back at their childhood mansion:

Regardless of his parents’ wishes he marry someone new, Phillip’s determined to seek out his former fiancée and return her to where she belongs beside him. However, with the help of a psychic teenager, he begins to realise that she might not exist in his own time anymore…

Even so, time’s not going to play fair.

Think the manners and etiquette of DOWNTON ABBEY crossed with the temporal paradoxes of DOCTOR WHO. We follow the dual perspective of Aidelle and Phillip, and occasionally peek into the minds of two other Costello brothers, whose futures the marriage of Aidelle and Phillip will change, too.

Rupert Everett ❤


10 thoughts on “The Premise of When the Clock Broke in Gifs

  1. I was wondering when you were going to include a “Doctor Who” GIF! Your book fits too much to pass up that opportunity. 😉

    Okay, now I’ve seen three people do this with their books, it’s about time I try it out for myself. 🙂 It looks like so much fun! The only problem is, I have no idea how to find GIFs or use them. (Yeah, yeah, I’m a GIF newbie.) Any chance you could help me?

    1. I restrained myself from putting wibbly wobbly timey wimey after every paragraph 😛

      Which is your favourite gif of the collection (apart from wibbly wobbly because that’s obvious)? There were so many more I could have included about characters hitting their heads against walls and such.

      Tehe, yes. I’ve wanted to do it for ages, since I saw Cait’s post.
      Sure! 😀 I remember being a gif newbie; no shame in it. I remember it took me ages to work out how to get them and insert them into WP posts.

      1. Hmm, either Sherlock throwing the microscope slide (that is Sherlock, right? I haven’t watched the show . . . yet) or “A wedding! I love weddings! Drinks all around!” 🙂

        Thanks so much! I should probably start by asking where you find GIFs in the first place. 😛 Is there a website of GIFs?

        1. Tehe. 1) Yes, it’s Sherlock*. 2) You should watch the show. Do it now! 3) The only gif there I found by less clear search. I Googled “character throwing things gif” and he was the first one. I love Sherlock!
          And Jack Sparrow! That gif is the first because when I said to myself “what gifs are like WTCB?” that was the first one that popped into my head. Probably the only one I didn’t Google ” gifs”. In fact the “I like weddings” search also gave me the last one. The name of the movie in which Rupert E stars is an old one called My Best Friend’s Wedding.

          *(I approve of the fact you asked “is that Sherlock?” rather than “what is he throwing?” which would probably be the typical response.)

          There can be, but I Google Image search. There’s enough dotted on blogs and teh interwebs (!) that a quick search will probably give you what you want. It depends whether you’re looking for a phrase popular or specific. For instance, I’m a little disheartened that I couldn’t find a Once Upon A Time gif where a character was saying something along the lines of “family is complicated”. It’s probably out there somewhere, but I didn’t have the time or energy to scroll through so much Google.

          1. This helps a ton. 🙂 Thanks!

            Now how do you upload a GIF? I was trying to upload one a while ago and couldn’t get it to work. Same with e-mail. 😛 It just looked like a blank space in the preview.

            (I am definitely planning on watching “Sherlock” soon, now that I’m all caught up on “Doctor Who.” It only took me four months to watch all seven seasons, and I already want to watch them all again. I’m trying to restrain myself. So yeah, “Sherlock” is up next. 🙂 )

            1. Uh, that’s weird. I originally had trouble uploading gifs because I’d saved them as pic file, so the animation didn’t work. Nowadays, I don’t upload them, but copy-and-paste them straight from Google.

              (Haha, yeah, that’s Doctor Who. It’s that good. :D)

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