3 Ways Creative Writing Shakes Your Complacency

I love this post because it’s so true. In today’s age of instant gratification, it’s so easy to fall into the complacency trap.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Snap that complacency in two! Snap that complacency in two!

Creative writing is a wonderful thing, for many reasons. Not least of those is how it tends to shake our sense of complacency.

I’ve written about complacency on my other blog, my faith-based blog. It’s a serious problem and a sin that I, in particular, tend to fall into. So I try to be sensitive to it and to act against it.

Even though I often fail ,and don’t challenge myself to grow or to leave my comfort zone as often as I should, I have found that writing does, in its way, draw me out of my circle of complacency. It does that in a lot of ways:


I have a tendency to share flaws, problems, and weaknesses with my characters. And that forces me to recognize and confront them in my own life.


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