Photo of the Week: Tolls

For whom does the bell toll? Ah, not so gruesome. The ladies and gentleman of Wantage Hall, Reading, with singing a bent journeyed to the top of our infamous clocktower (“Wantage? Isn’t that the one that looks like a castle?” No, it looks nothing like a castle. Like an Oxbridge college, yes and like a clocktower, but not a castle. And to say it looks like Hogwarts… *shakes head*) at 7.30 on Thursday May 1st in the morning to welcome in the Spring – and to wake up third year students and locals! 😛

But seriously, it’s a tradition, and I am so glad to be part of it. Below is the wonderful, ancient, loud bell which I hear toll every hour from my room. And I live at the back of Wantage 😛 Going up the clocktower is a wonderful experience, even in the drizzle, hence the slight blurriness. I can’t wait ’til I get my new phone, simply for its camera.


Don’t forget! May is also Our Lady Mary’s month for Catholics, so if one so desires, ask for her intercession during prayer. She is listening.


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