#Fivebooks – a post of TBRs

I’ve been crazy and run-off-my-feet (two full days with only some time for revision) and am going to be sporadic in my posting. And, yeah, this is one of these should-have-posted-it-yesterday posts, sorry. Unfortunately, some personal issues arose and I am aiming for a balance between all of my lives. I have a Word Doc. of incomplete blog drafts; I have ideas unsaid for vlogs; my head is everywhere. And, to top it off, my dreams have left me waking empty and unresolved, like reading all but the final chapter of a book.


Moving on swiftly.

#Tenqueries is a hashtag for agents to comment on as they move through their ‘slush pile’ (for the record, I don’t like that term, but at least it is something to represent the debut and un-referred queries that enter agencies), saying why they like/dislike the submission and whether they’d reject/request in a sentence.

A Twitter writer recently started a #Tenagents where, in the same format, she recorded her process through researching various agents and whether she’d query them or not. I think it’s a good idea – it shows how subjective the industry is even from the side of the writer (who is oft-portrayed by everyone else as the over-eager multi-submitter).


Please don’t.

If I had the gall or the encouragement, I’d create a #five – or ten – books of currently-unread ebooks on my laptop Kindle app, their genre, how I acquired them (eg. won or bought or free/discount) and how high my interest is to read them. Instead, I present a post of the books I’ve started reading from my ever-growing TBR list, and why I’ve not yet got distracted by another. Unfortunately, this happens to me. I’m sorry.

FYI, all of these I got from Amazon, bought, with the exception of The Weredog Whisperer, which I got for free during a promotion.

Soulless by Gail Carriger 1st edition cover.png

Soulless, Gail Carriger – steampunk/alternate universe paranormal

This is a wonderful, creative book. Its hints of mystery haven’t yet emerged from the pagework, but, with everything I’ve been doing, it’s should be expected that I’m only a fraction of the way through. However, the voice is one I’d happily read again and again – witty, sharp, observational, and I connect with Alexia so much…not least by the sharing of name-root. 😉 Even though I’m not a great champion of the vampires-werewolves paranormal, I like the fact that the species fit into the Victorian world Carriger has created. The one thing, and I think I’ve said this before, is that the cover doesn’t do the book or MC justice.

The Secrets of Ghosts coverThe Secrets of Ghosts, Sarah Painter – magical realism

There is nothing extraordinary about the voice in this novel, but, somehow, it hooks from the beginning. Not to mention: a dead body is found at the end of chapter one! I’m not quite sure what I’m expecting with the concept behind this one – there have been hints, the title notwithstanding – but I have been stuck into the book since I picked it up last week.

The Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences, Pip Ballantine, Tee Morris – steampunk

One of those ultimate romps in steampunk. There’s a strong heroine, but she’s look-at-me to the point of that being her main flaw (for the time-being); there’s a geeky hero/archivist who’s created a machine to listen to Bach; there are steampunk props and threads galore.

The Weredog Whisper, Susan Abel Sullivan – paranormal mysteryThe Weredog Whisperer, Susan Abel Sullivan, World Weaver Press

Again, it doesn’t sound like it should be my kind of book (with the paranormal), but I find myself giggling at the antics and cringe-worthy moments of the protagonist, her nieces, husband and dog. And the elements of mystery please me. I’ve not read The Haunted Housewives of Alabama, but this is one of those series in which one doesn’t need to read in order to enjoy the antics and characters.

My Future Husband, Karen Clarke – time-travel romance

No surprise here, really. I don’t know how serious I expect the book to get, but this is my other fluff reading. Great concept, clever execution, neat writing. Shame I don’t have the time to read on as much as I’d like right now.

Are you noticing a pattern about what books are gripping me at the moment? A hint of magic, a slice of fantasy, and a shovel of steam. And none of the books I’m reading at the moment are YA or even NA.

We’ll see as I read on with these five for the time-being. Maybe later I’ll do a post of my thoughts on those in the ebook queue.


2 thoughts on “#Fivebooks – a post of TBRs

    1. Thanks on both points. These books feel right up my alley, so I’m expecting good things of their middles and ends (though, like the writer I am, I’ve already found things at which to nitpick :P) Life, however, as it always is, is never going to be so easy to sort out.

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