Photo of the Week: Early

Last Tuesday I pushed myself to wake at 4am – not only as part of my attempt to ‘re-jig’ my larkish circadian rhythm, but also because I was going on a nature walk through the Reading grounds at glorious 5am. It had to start before the dawn for us to really experience all of the birdsong from the British animals, regardless of the rain we weren’t actually promised. 😛

This week’s photo comes from the end of that walk, when the skies were simultaneously lightening and darkening, and my socks were almost drenched from having traipsed through the dense grass and mud of the gardens and the forest.

It’s fair to say I didn’t anticipate such rain.

Then, these few Poppies caught my eye. As you can see, juxtaposed against the green of the long grass and the steel lamppost, the red beauties glow out. I love these flowers.


Personally, I like it for its hazy, painting-like feel. Yeah, it might be less clear photography, but my phone-camera is on its last legs. My excuse. *laughs*


10 thoughts on “Photo of the Week: Early

  1. Beautiful photo. I like the contrasting colours. It sounds like it was slightly surreal for you being out in the woods so early. I find it quite hard to get up that early & rarely do so hats off to you for managing it lol! 🙂

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