Uncanny Mutations and Astonishing Mutants

The Wellcome Collection blog looks at X-Men and mutation. As a big X-Men fan, and with Peter (and Octavia)’s psychic ability being a recessive genetic element of my trilogy, things about ‘real’ mutations fascinate me.

Wellcome Collection Blog

X-Men: Days of Future Past is now in cinemas, billed as the most action packed and ambitious film in the X-Men saga. What better time to use the classic, long-running comic series as inspiration for a post about mutations whilst taking a look at some of the other aspects that make these superheroes more than just men in tights.

Before we go any further: what exactly is mutation and how does it happen? Joel Carlin explains:

“Mutation is a change in the sequence of an organism’s DNA. Mutations can be caused by high-energy sources such as radiation or by chemicals in the environment. They can also appear spontaneously during the replication of DNA.” (Carlin, 2011)

It is this latter method that the writers of the X-Men comics employ as an explanation for their superhuman characters’ astonishing abilities. In real life, as in the comics, mutations can be expressed in a…

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